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  • 普通运送 :10新元
  • 急单运送(隔日送货):12新元
  • 夜晚普通运送(下午6时后送货):18新元
  • 夜晚急单运送(隔日下午6时后送货):20新元



  1. 商品未拆封不影响二次销售(商品本身、配件、商标标识齐全)
  2. 原包装



  • 欲退换货的顾客需带着货物亲临我们公司面交。
  • 货物将接受质量检查及鉴定。鉴定通过后我们将现场换货,或于3至7个工作日内退款。


  • 每笔订单只接受一次退换货。
  • 运费无法退款。
  • 换货仅限于同价或更低价的商品。


联系电话: (+65)6743 5534(Esther)

About Us

Welcome to your local office stationery supplier. Founded in 2008, we are your "One Stop Office Shop" offering an excellent selection of office equipment and consumables including ink cartridges, paper products, printer, toner cartridges, ribbon, and stationery etc.

We are confident that we will not be supressed for service and experience – As for price our goods are value for money; Just give the opportunity to compete. Whether it be just a one off purchase of an item of stationery, or an order of office supplies we can accommodate your need.

After Sales Service

Shipping Rates (SGD)

  • Normal Delivery :$10
  • Express (Next Day) Delivery :$12
  • Night (After 6pm) Delivery :$18
  • Night Express (Next Day After 6pm) Delivery:$20

Return/Exchanges Policy

Return & Exchange Eligibility:

Please ensure that your items meet all of the following returnable conditions:

  1. New condition and unused
  2. Original packaging reserves the right to reject any returns or exchange if items does not meet all of the above conditions.

Returns & Exchange Process

  • Returns and exchanges are only valid in face-to-face interactions (Please bring the goods you would like to return or exchange).
  • After the examination, the exchanges will be processed on the spot and the returns will be processed in 3 – 7 workings days. Please be reminded that returns and exchanges with items that do not meet the Return and Exchanges Eligibility conditions will be rejected.

Please note:

  • Each order is only valid for one-time returns or exchanges.
  • Delivery cost is not refundable.
  • Exchanges is only available for items of the same price or less.


Talk to us

Mobile: (+65)6743 5534 (Esther)
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